Not all businesses are in the position for a fully custom site. But that doesn’t mean you have to lower your standards.  We’ve created two mobile friendly entry level options:

Start-up Packs

Pick one of our startup layouts and customise it to suit your business.
Each one can be adapted as a single-page or multi-page website and make an ideal solution for a professional looking site without the costs of a fully custom design.  Using the layout of your choice we add your content, images and brand identity.

Brochure Website

A brochure style website consists 1 page,  sometimes an extra blog section or specialised contact form can be added.

What Is a Brochure Style Website?
If you’ve ever handed out flyers or leaflets to potential customers – a brochure site performs the same function. Without the limitations of distribution and the ability to make changes whenever you like.

Is It For You?
Brochures websites do two things –  introduce your business and direct customers on how to contact you.  But you also get access to professional business email address.


25,000 THB                          Details

Business Website

Our entry level business website have 5-7 pages such as  Home, About, Contact, Gallery, Services, Team, Landing or Blog pages.

What Is a Business Style Website?
If you offer multiple products or services or require additional information to help potential customers understand the value of your service, you ‘ll need multiple pages.

Is It For You?
Multi-page websites are like 24hr sales representatives; identifying problems and solutions, educate customers, build trust and boost your conversion process. 


60,000 THB                          Details

Law Office








Car Dealership

Car Rental



Fitness Coach

Personal Trainer

Yoga Instructor

Life Coach


Day Spa



What Next?

If you’re interested in growing your business, attracting more customers and creating a marketing foundation that works while you sleep.  We can help.


Let’s Talk

Pick a time and date for a free consultation.  We’ll have a quick chat about your business and what type of website you’re looking for.

More Than Just Web Design

Founded in 2014, we use a combination of Consulting and Design Projects to identify key ‘touch points’ in a customers journey and then ensure you have the right tools to make the most of them.

Marketing Consulting

When you don’t have an experienced marketing expert on your payroll – we’re just a phone call away.

Marketing Collateral

We take design a few steps further to ensure every piece is crafted to meet a specific business objective.

Website Management

Customers and Search Engines dislike out-dated websites. Keeping  your site current is good for business. 


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